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Bobby Was A Farmer Boy

RRP $13.99

What would it be like to grow up on a farm in the Midwest during the 1950's when farmers had just emerged from World War Two and working with horses, to farming with tractors and new farm machinery? How might farm life be reviewed through the eyes of a grown man looking back at his boyhood? How would a grandfather explain life on his childhood farm to his grandchildren? Robert L. Tasler entertains children of all ages with delightful narrative and illustrations in a nostalgic review of his own life.

Finding Home With The Beatles, Bob Dylan, And Billy Graham

RRP $16.30

One was the greatest rock band of all time, another was a misunderstood poet and Christian convert, and the latter is called, "America's Pastor." The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Billy Graham were the three forces of artistic and spiritual expression in Archer's childhood, and the trio of figures in her father's conversion to Christianity and life's work.

Finding Home with The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Billy Graham is Archer's true account of growing up inside the world of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. For fifteen years her family traversed the globe to prepare cities for Billy Graham's large-scale, sweeping evangelistic meetings. This book details the gritty struggles she faced as the new kid in town and the intense anxiety of their transitory life. With humor, insight, and help from two of the greatest musical forces on the planet, Archer explores the universal question, "Where is home?" Through her father's boss, Billy Graham, she finds her way toward the answer to that question.

A Foundation For Life-a Grandfather's Wisdom

RRP $18.99

As a grandparent, parent, or mentor, you help write the biographies of those whom you love or care for by what you teach them verbally and what you model for them. Worth Helms has captured 106 lessons he hopes to help teach his grandchildren and other mentees in the form of what he calls "Blocks." When integrated and cemented together, these "Blocks" form a foundation upon which your mentees can build a solid, well-supported life. Many of the lessons come from his own mentors and experiences which serve as illustrations. As an endorser of the book says: "Learn this book's contents the way learning occurs best: teach it to someone you love and make its lessons outlast you."

The Art Of Bobbin Lace

RRP $18.99

An excerpt from the INTRODUCTORY:

ON the charm of Lace it is scarcely necessary to dwell; it is prized by every woman and is the only ornament that is always suitable and becoming from infancy to old age, whilst in its unobtrusive elegance it lends a beauty and dignity to the wearer which raises her at once above the ordinary level.

Lace-making may certainly be classed under the Fine Arts, especially when allied to good design, for it must be remembered that, like most of the Fine Arts, design plays a very important part In Lace, and it was mainly due to the lack of good designs that our English Lace Industry diminished so seriously.

A great effort is being made to revive It, however, and when the matter is properly understood, which is merely a question of time, this revival of one of our oldest and most interesting industries will receive the encouragement necessary for its future prosperity. Belgium In particular has set us a good example In this respect, Lace-making in that country being a great national Industry, and no doubt Belgium owes much of her present prosperity to this revived and ever-increasing Lace Industry, whilst In many of the Continental towns and villages It is regarded as so useful an accomplishment that the art of Lace-making is taught in the public elementary schools.

Every girl, rich or poor, should be taught Bobbin Lace; it is most fascinating work, the movement of the bobbins being so different to anything else, and it is neither tedious nor trying to the eyes, a great point.

"There is still,'' says Ruskin, " some distinction between Machine-made and Handmade Lace. I will suppose that distinction so far done away with that, a pattern once invented, you can spin Lace as fast as they now do thread. Everybody then might wear, not only Lace collars, but Lace gowns. Do you think that, when everybody could wear them, everybody would be proud of wearing them? A spider may, perhaps, be rationally proud of his own cobweb, even though all the fields in the morning are covered with the like, for he made it himself; but suppose a machine spun it for him? Suppose all the gossamer were Nottingham made? If you think of it, you will find the whole value of Lace as a possession depends on the fact of its having a beauty which has been the reward of industry and attention.

That the thing is itself a price - a thing everybody cannot have. That it proves, by the look of it, the ability of the maker; that it proves, by the rarity of it, the dignity of its wearer. The real good of a piece of Lace, then, you will find, is that it should show first, that the designer of it had a pretty fancy ; next, that the maker of it had fine fingers; and lastly, that the wearer of it has worthiness or dignity enough to obtain what it is difficult to obtain."

To the nervous delicate woman, the making of Bobbin Lace is a restful, soothing occupation, and in these days of stress and strain, it would prove a complete boon if every woman gave a few hours' relaxation daily to this beautiful art, whilst ladies with benevolent intentions would find it a lucrative and suitable occupation to introduce into Homes and Charitable Institutions, especially for crippled children, invalids of either sex, and others requiring a light, interesting occupation, that can be followed with very little outlay and expense.

The term "Bobbin" Lace is a very comprehensive one, there being over fifty varieties, most of them demanding different treatment, for although the three principal stitches, commonly known as Cloth Stitch, Half Stitch and Plait Stitch, form the foundation of all kinds of Bobbin Lace, yet in the application of these stitches to the different kinds of Lace the method varies considerably....


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