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To A Billion Christians?

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Volume 3, "To a billion souls?" who want to be closer to Jesus. Have you heard from God lately? Why is two-way spiritual level communication always needed to be close to Jesus? How personal is God today? Why do our own efforts to be close to Jesus so often fail? What does God need to hear from us before He acts? Rethinking Christianity when the Christian life is full of angst? The answers are in these first three volumes and more. Richard Pyle is married with a family. He lives in USA. His Degrees are BS 1967, BSL 1973, and MS 1982. He is an author of a number of books available in both paperback and e readers. Just type his name Richard Pyle on the search line of bookseller's websites.

Pagans And Christians In Late Antiquity

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In Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity, A.D. Lee documents the transformation of the religious landscape of the Roman world from one of enormous diversity of religious practices and creeds in the 3rd century to a situation where, by the 6th century, Christianity had become the dominant religious force. Using translated extracts from contemporary sources he examines the fortunes of pagans and Christians from the upheavals of the 3rd Century, through the dramatic events associated with the emperors Constantine, Julian and Theodosius in the 4th, to the increasingly tumultuous times of the 5th and 6th centuries, while also illustrating important themes in late antique Christianity such as the growth of monasticism, the emerging power of bishops and the development of pilgrimage, as well as the fate of other significant religious groups including Jews and Manichaeans.

This new edition has been updated to include:

  • additional documentary material, including newly published papyri

  • an expanded chapter on the emperor Constantine

  • greater attention to church controversies in the fourth and fifth centuries

  • thoroughly updated references and further reading, taking into account developments in modern scholarship during the past fifteen years.

Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity is an invaluable resource for students of the late antique world, and of early Christianity and the early Church.

A Residence Of Eight Years In Persia Among The Nestorian Christians With Notices Of The Muhammedans

RRP $389.99

Gives a travelogue and a journal of his missionary activities in the Middle East between 1834 and 1841, primarily with the Church of the East.


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