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A Time To Remember - Spirituality Information

It was early in the evening when the phone call came. Reaching over, I grabbed the phone and was greeted by my cousin who lives in New York City. There was a deep sadness in her voice as she told me t........ Read More

Daily Meditation - Spiritual Support For Today's World

In days of old, spiritual life was separate from "regular life". People went to church or temple once a week, and then got on with the rest of their lives. Daily meditation was something that only n........ Read More

Age New Spirituality – Inspirational Stories ( Part 88 )

Similarly, we find in regard to ourselves that our tendencies are the result of past conscious actions. A child is born with certain tendencies. Whence do they come? No child is born with a tabula ras........ Read More

Developing Spiritual Understanding ~part 3

Matthew 12:31 "Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. Matthew 12:32 "Whoever speaks a word against th........ Read More

The Role Of Spiritual Warfare In Healing

Healing is probably the most misunderstood truth in the Bible. More false notions exist about healing than any other doctrine. For this reason, many are not healed who could be healed. The greatest m........ Read More

Spiritual Healing- Nothing Special

Let's be honest. A lot of people think that spiritual healing is a little "woo-woo." Look at it logically, though, and I think you'll agree it's nothing out of the ordinary. Health is your natural st........ Read More

Stop Talking About Other People! - Spirituality Information

Why is everyone not talking about you? Why is the world not interested in what you are doing? Why are you not being interviewed by the media like all the other famous personalities?" Four years back m........ Read More

Why Is Spiritual Truth So Elusive?

Why is spiritual truth so elusive? Why is it that matters of spiritual significance are so hard to verify and validate? I have been pondering hard on this subject for quite sometime. And these are my........ Read More

Title:10 Great Ways To Receive Some Spiritual Help

author:Michaela Scherr source url:http://www.articlecity.com/articles/health/article 4416.shtml date saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12 category:health article: Sometimes life gets pretty tough and dark and ........ Read More

Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 75 )

There is to be found in every religion the manifestation of this struggle towards freedom. It is the groundwork of all morality,of unselfishness, which means getting rid of the idea that men are the s........ Read More

The Spiritual Awareness Through Shamanic Reiki

Combining the concepts behind shamanism and reiki into a single healing session increases the benefits of the beliefs and practices of both. Shamanic reiki draws its foundations from concepts of sha........ Read More

Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 55 )

To come back to one of our main points,we say that we cannot do good without at the same time doing some evil, or do evil without doing some good. Knowing this, how can we work? There have, therefore,........ Read More

New Age Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 21 )

Now the princess had fallen so much in love with this young man that she said, "I must marry this man or I shall die"; and she went after him to bring him back. Then our other Sannyasin, who had broug........ Read More

Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 47 )

This world is like a dog's curly tail, and people have been striving to straighten it out for hundreds of years; but when they let it go, it has curled up again. How could it be otherwise? One must fi........ Read More

A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrina's Wake

A pilot and reporter who has risked her life on the battlefield has taken on a new target-the human suffering experienced during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Author Cholene Espinoza's respons........ Read More


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